Quantum Complex Systems Out of Equlibrium (QCSE)

In nature, systems at thermal equilibrium are the exception rather than the rule. In fact, when a state parameter is changed, return to equilibrium may be slow, hampered or even prevented. In turn, this poses fundamental challenges to the realistic design of many devices of technological interest, since thermodynamics alone is not sufficient to provide a complete description of their working regimes. In this framework, the development of quantum technology was a driving force towards new research lines in quantum thermodynamics, aiming at obtaining thermodynamical laws as emergent phenomena from the quantum dynamics of physical systems.

Quantum thermodynamics is indeed devoted to generalising concepts from quantum statistical mechanics, with an emphasis on non-equilibrium processes, in order to derive new techniques to describe quantum out-of-equilibrium systems interacting with complex environments.

The QCSE school aims at putting PhD students and young researchers in contact with the leading experts in the above new areas at the forefront of interdisciplinary research. More generally, the QCSE school aims to train a new generation of researchers, ready to react promptly to the new fundamental challenges of quantum technologies.